Our bodies have began to give us sanctions

Our bones claim we have rendered them to incomprehensible functions

From the set-ups to the set-downs for programmes and church services

Evangelism tour on campus and in villages

From all night rehearsals into intellecto and missions

Fasting and prayer for the most trivial reasons

Need I forget going for lectures, babadie and project meetings

Our bones scream, they need a vacation


Our monies and resources have decided to desert us

Because we use a chunk for other things and little for us

From church offerings, fundraising, seed sowing and kindness showing

To loaning out, borrowing from and owing


The little time we have is being highly consumed

Church and group activities have had some of our lectures excused

Our personal time undergoing recreational abuse

How time flies these days gets us amused

Now putting those issues on hold, let’s check out some other issues


The unbelievers in this generation are strange, stubborn and naughty

In this 21st century civilization, we still have same sex marriage and even bestiality

The number of potential hell mates chao than plenty

The number of labourers in the vineyard, hmmnn what a pity!!

Even the church has a subset of Grand Theft Auto and Vice city

I can’t forget that midsems and exams are fast approaching

Virgin notes are piling

Time for defence and graduation speeding

With all these points in my submission

I ask the question, how can we make the combination?

Achieving high laurels of education

And succeeding in the ministry of reconciliation

Taking into consideration

That we are students, victims of formal education


But we reckon that all we’ve been able to achieve has been by the sufficiency of His grace.

And we all know that His grace is not locked up in space

So if God’s word, God’s promises, God’s faithfulness are not fables

Then we can confidently say we are well able 

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