In this past year, I have tasted what seems to be the highest authority I can wield in my ministry. Being a president of all the drama groups under SCC(Student Chaplaincy Council, the overall body of the church on campus) seems quite fun and honouring. But what goes into that office is, I must say, it’s a mystery. Sometimes, the cap is worn  by someone it doesn’t fit, but someone who will eventually.

I have come to learn to put the needs of others before mine, people’s happiness before mine, and my happiness is seeing them happy.

Everyone looks up to me as the example. If there is knowledge to be acquired, I should know it before hand. I should be more powerful. Even though it doesn’t seem so, at the end it looks like so. Sometimes you must be the perfect one and every other person learn from you.

But what if you were perfect? What if you made no mistakes? What if you were lacking in nothing? What if you were the superhuman your members expected you to be? How would it change your life? What impact would it have made in the lives of your members?

I realised one thing, if I don’t have a reason,  to want grow in Christ, the flock under my care gave me a reason. They are my flock. I must care for them. How do I do that if I don’t have what is needed to take good care of them? If they trust me enough to hope in me, and if they love me enough to bank on me, then I must love them enough to do whatever it takes to meet their needs.

I realized that the reliance, the dependance and the trust your members place in you is as a result of their love and their confidence in you. If someone asks you to buy food for him or her, don’t see it as the person taking advantage of your kindness or trying to get his or her “national cake”, but see it as an act of reliance, love and trust. You know why? You can’t trust people with your lives unless you really trust them. So your members have trust you with their lives by asking you to buy FOOD for them. God has entrusted these flock to your care. You need to know as much and get as much is needed to take care of them. And thanks to Jehovah  Jireh, who is always available to you.

I have a reason to grow. I must cater for my flock. And that I will.


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