I looked into the mirror

I was glad at what I saw

Precious beauty with no iota of flaw.

I was at peace with what I saw


Ever since He died and had me justified

I made up my mind that in His word I will abide

Walking daily by His side; Going with Him on every ride

Nothing was going to separate us, not the wind or the tide


I look into the mirror to see one who has run the race

Bounded by the word, for it I left no space

I walked proud because I’d began to set the pace

Hear them sing my praise

They’ll kill to have a glimpse of my face


I looked deeper

And I saw a heart that was empty

Filled with a lot of stuff but all was vanity

Clustered with Churchianity

Lacked the saviour’s serenity

Walking in mortal authority

Devoid of the power of divinity

Nor the glory of the Trinity


I looked even deeper

And I saw the strengthening of my weakness

Because I lived in me-centredness

And not Christ-centredness

I walked not in the fullness

Of Holiness and Righteousness


And then I looked even deeper

And I could see insecurity

Life filled with timidity

Timidity led to hypocrisy

With the saviour I wanted to have deep intimacy

But I saw the me in Christ

Failed to see the Christ in me


I soon realised, that the reasons for my actions                                          

 My inspiration, my motivation was self glorification

I came to a point where my, body, soul and spirit

Were in confusion and they were in contemplation

Of what the future will be for this God’s creation


So I ran back to my Father and shouted, ”Abba!!!”

Forgive me for I am worse than a sinner

Then I was ushered into the most Holy Place

And all I could feel was my Father’s warm embrace

Right there my life underwent a turnaround

And since then, in my heart, joy abounds


I will never embark on a journey for money and fame

But I will go about doing the business of He who sent me

I won’t sing, act, dance or write to showcase who I am

But I will live to manifest the Jesus within me

When I think about the wisdom of Solomon and the leadership ability of Moses

 The faith of Abraham and the confidence of Daniel in God’s word

When I think about the inspiration of Paul and the heart David had for God

When I remember Noah’s attention to detail and the integrity of Joseph

The disciples ability to abandon their own will and ultimately the unconditional love of God

I can confidently say, these are my inspiration, my motivation

To impart my generation and continue in the ministry of reconciliation

Jesus is my inspiration

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