He opened my mind. He made me understand

What He told me was worth more than a million grand

He taught to me understand purpose

And how to that our mind, strength and resources we focus

In life everything we do is for a reason

It could be to please God, please man or be self pleasing

But certainly there’s a direction

As children of God we have received a calling

To someone is honourable, to the other it is appaling

The problem is that we the children of God don’t want to walk worthy of the calling we’ve received

And we specialize in getting the Holy Spirit grieved

Because along the way we lost sight of the aim

And turned this whole life in Christ into a senseless game

Hoping to win and get ourselves some fame

Forgetting that our calling is to glorify His name

If we can focus our energy to things that don’t please God

Tell lies, be self ambitious and even spill blood

Then if we focus our faith which is like a mustard seed

We can cause the entire kingdom of the devil to bleed

Imagine the number of people in bondage that will be freed

So shout out the soldier’s creed

Go on your knees and for God’s mercy plead

Tell Him to prepare you with everything you need

Be part of the army which God Himself will lead

Our calling is a high calling

Our calling is a heavenly calling

Our calling is a purposeful calling 

Walk worthy of the calling 

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