See a man diligent in his work                               

He shall stand before Kings and priests

Join in banquets, parties and feasts

Where only fruit bearers are given seats              

To every man has a potential been given

And for this reason

You must use what God has given you to bear fruit in your season

So that men will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven

So, for such an occasion

Where we bring into recognition

Men and women who have put their potentials into action

To impact their generation                                                     

I plead with all to join in the celebration

I know we find ourselves here to build our intellect

But some of us have rendered parts of our lives to utter neglect

So let’s bring our lives under a magnifying glass

You can call this the Human life class

So many of us build only some parts of our lives

No wonder we fall in love with good accountants and marry bad wives


Whose husbands probably played the keyboard in music bands

But are not men enough to make their own marriages stand

Like a man who can spend 10 hours in prayer

But makes a mess of a simple application letter

Like a man who can entice others to vote him as a student leader

But when it comes to integrity and morality, I beg he needs prayer

Like a lady who can recite the constitution to the latter

But barely knows the bible, not even in the Lord’s prayer.

We grow up to paint a deformed picture of the Creator

So with all these what am I driving at?

Don’t relinquish your life to only Physics and Stats

Else you will grow to become an uncompleted work of art

Let’s celebrate others for their accomplishments

Let these ones, be to us, sources of encouragement

As we pass through this laboratory called school to become intellectuals

Let us learn from the library of life to become holistic individuals


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