The part of our time that always stays in our imagination

The only part of our lives that we can put into preparation

The part of our lives that brings our families satisfaction

The part of our lives where we place our vision

The part of our life that can easily be placed in jeopardy

Funnily, that time in our life that comes by daily

The time in our life that soars freely

That time in our life we value highly

It is the time that always begins

It ends when we are 6-feet beneath

Even that is part of how it is destined

We are part of how that time ends up fashioned

That time in our life is our future

Yeah the part of our life that can also always get better

Every single day it gets nearer and nearer

The later and slower we plan for it, it comes the faster

So how can we have a great future without a great present?

How can our future be presented with a good present of the present?

How can we make our future one we will not resent?

How can our future project a present well spent?

Taking into consideration that yesterday’s future is today’s present

So many lessons in life have I learnt

That if the midnight candle in our present is well burnt

And our leisure time well spent

With our resources well kept

Our future will be well spelt

Because the picture we had in our mind was not unkempt

So the future we see is what we actually meant

Imagine with all seriousness we worked along God’s plan

Every flame we needed for the work we fanned

Imagine our motivation was, “If Jesus did, yes we can”

Our future in Christ will, in no way, be tanned

So I urge us all to make hay while the sun shines

The time you have now is yours not mine

A stitch in time will certainly save nine

I took my present for granted

I see a planned future tilted

Now I have regretted

But I won’t stay down defeated

I will rise up and get myself dusted

I will re-tilt my life to where it got shifted

With hardwork and determination to move in God’s direction

With the willingness and zealousness to impact my generation

Submitting my body to hard core, hardwork configuration

I shall achieve beyond my imagination

Even as I finish this writing

I can feel my body, soul and spirit rising

To make sure I continue, the world, suprising

I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses

Well I guess in the near future they may ask me to give them some classes

Because they have seen me with a new genesis

And when you give, about my end, a full exegesis

It will be a direct biography of the excellent Jesus

My end is the Glory of the Lord

4 thoughts on “MY END

  1. Charlie, you gotta show how these blogs are made oh. By the way. beautiful pieces you got there.


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