What brings the presence of God?

Is it the sound of beautiful melodies?

Air filled with glorious symphonies?

Is it the pure worship offered on the altar?

Or just the will of the Father?

Is it the lifting up of holy hands?

Or the sensational tunes of music bands?

Is it fervent prayer hot like fire?

Or praises soaring higher and higher?

Is it the presence of faith that moves mountains?

Or just blessing flowing like a fountain?


I ask again what brings the presence of God?

Is it just His sovereignty?

Or humanity moved the Almighty?

Is it His love which He demonstrated on the cross?

Or just His sweetness described by J.Moss?


I’d rather be filled with His presence

Be intoxicated by His power and essence

I’d rather offer Him worship as a sweet smelling fragrance

Than spend million dollars on perfume made from France

I will dwell in His presence all of my days

And write poems speaking of His praise 

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