The phrase “Skeleton in our cupboards”, is commonly used when secrets, revelations, blackmail and mischief are the bone of contentions.

But today, I am not talking about that thing you have been hiding. I am talking about that thing that has been revealed to you so many times. But any time it is revealed, you ignore it as though it never existed. It could be a habit, an attitude, a health lifestyle, some part of your physique, etc. It is that thing that accompanies the word “Change.”

Many a time, we find people complaining about certain things in our lives. There are particular things that we do that has never gone down well with those around us. There may be peculiar things that a particular person or some particular persons have been hammering on. But we sometimes turn deaf ears to these things.

You realize you’re not advancing in your academics. Your parents complain that you are not learning. Your wife complains you have changed for the worse. Your boss is complaining. And you know deep down you that what they are saying id the truth.

How do you deal with the truth, even though it is an ugly part of you? How do you accept your faults and weaknesses, especially when you are confronted by others with them?

It is the truth, but it is ugly.

Defense and aggression is not the best way to deal with these ugly truths. Rather you need to analyse yourself. If what they are saying is in consonance with what you are seeing about yourself, then check it. Compare your life to the Word of God. If you are an example of those who do detestable things, then check it. Defense and aggression will make you habitually push your loved ones away. No one is ready to continue a relationship where the spouse is not ready to change

When the ugly truth stares you in the face, look in the mirror and make it a lie. 

4 thoughts on “THE UGLY TRUTH

  1. Sure…the real challenge always between what we think we look like and what we really look like. That is why the truth might seem ugly because all we see is beauty in us. Thanks oliver, nobody could have put it much better


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