Anorexia is Contagious, and I Wanted to Catch It

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When I was 13, I decided I would become anorexic. By devoting myself to the illness, I believed I could morph from an emotionally confused adolescent into the anorexic girls I had seen on Oprah who were, by contrast, models of self-regulation. I read everything I could find about eating disorders — from…


Why would someone go through all these just for me? Jesus must be crazy; crazily in love with me


The craziest love ever by the craziest lover ever. I love you Lord


I heard so much about this man. The stories I heard fascinated me. I decided to know this person myself. I entered into a voracious search for facts about this wonderful personality. I read books, listened to audio files, watched videos, receive word from the Spirit. During this exercise, I observed that, the more I…

Man Argues That the ‘F’ Word Isn’t a Curse Because He’s Canadian

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It’s not uncommon for anyone to utter expletive-laden outbursts when dealing with the phone company. But when it happens in a place like Dubai, where there are strict laws against using profanity, it can land you in hot water. In the latest case,  a 43-year-old Canadian ex-pat shouted the insult “f***…

Should You Buy a Phablet?

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been carrying with me a 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch smartphone. The 4-inch is an Apple iPhone 5s, the 5-inch is a Samsung Galaxy S4 and the 6-inch is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I decided to carry these three smartphones and use them on…


I found myself at a vantage point. I was greeted by the countenances of all those who visited the office. My petite physique was not enough to put me in obscurity. Actually, it was my physique that sold me out easily. Every minute, every hour, someone was coming in and going out. Sometimes they came…