I found myself at a vantage point. I was greeted by the countenances of all those who visited the office. My petite physique was not enough to put me in obscurity. Actually, it was my physique that sold me out easily. Every minute, every hour, someone was coming in and going out. Sometimes they came in looking so bright, but as they went out, their countenances had dropped. I saw those who came in with zeal and exuberance, coming for their printed callovers, only to be disappointed that their callovers hadn’t been printed because there was no paper, or for any other reason. I saw others come in looking so tired, but after being sorted out, their spirit heightened and they left with a trickle of a smile. I saw those who came beaming with smiles and left with laughter.

As days passed by, I made this assertion: Do not judge others by how you see them approach you. You don’t have an idea what they came out from, what they were going through or what was awaiting them. Imagine you having a bad morning, beaten by traffic, only to come and be bombarded with insulting and derogatory words by your superiors. If such a person should come to you, what will their countenance be like? If it were you, what will yours be like? I know it’s not professional to bring emotions to the office. It’s true. So I can say then, that some of the smiles we see in our day to day activities are not smiles born from an elated heart and a high spirit. These smiles may be masks put on so that the world does not know what is going on inside.

I don’t think it is wrong to put on a smile. A smile is welcoming, it pushes away resentment, and it brings happiness to whatever meeting or business to be done. It’s not wrong to “PUT ON” Even the bible admonishes us to put on these virtues. But the danger of PUTTING ON is that we never PUT OUT this flaming bitterness that is imploding in our hearts. And soon, we will burn without from within and everyone one around us catches this fire that was burning inside of us.

Deal with what is hurting you inside. You can act to the world, but you cannot act to yourself. Let us fill our hearts with joy, happiness and love. The more these things reign in our hearts, the more we live above every bad situation. We now move from just putting on a smile to letting out a smile, to living a smiling life.

Anyway, this was my observation as I sat quietly in my corner.

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