I heard so much about this man. The stories I heard fascinated me. I decided to know this person myself. I entered into a voracious search for facts about this wonderful personality. I read books, listened to audio files, watched videos, receive word from the Spirit. During this exercise, I observed that, the more I knew of Him, the more there was to know of Him, and the more I wanted to know Him. Soon I had gathered enough information to make a decision concerning my life and His. I had enough information to choose this personality as friend. I can group what I knew about Him:

  •   Who He was
  •  What He wanted from me
  •   What I could get from Him

With these things I knew about Him, I continued my relationship with this wonderful personality. I had a friend in the Most High God. As this friendship grew, I got more confused.

Sometimes, what I thought He was, He proved not to be. At other times, what I thought He was not was what He was. Sometimes what I thought I knew was an underestimation of who He really was.

Oh God! Who are you? Everything about you is so hidden yet so revealed in Jesus. Your love was so evident on the cross, yet so unimaginable. Our minds are rendered useless when we try to imagine your greatness. We cannot place a value or construct any correct simile to describe every of your characteristics. How much of your characteristics do we know?

When I think about  His greatness I fear to call Him friend. But yet He comes so close to me and lives in me.

I hurt Him, disobey Him, and even sometimes deny Him in public, yet He still loves me.

He is one God yet in three persons: The Father, the Son and the Spirit. They are different and yet the same. When  think if creation it is difficult to chew on the fact that He spoke them into being. How could the earth, the sun, the stars, the animals, be made by the word of mouth. Have you ever checked out the Physiology of an animal? Then you get to understand why I say creating such a complex organism by just a word of mouth.

The bible says “He has got the world in His hands.” If you literally picture this, then God is more than gigantic in size.

The Bible says “The earth is His foot stool” Just imagine someone placing His foot on Earth and covering the entire earth. How big is such a person? And to imagine God, this big God, lives in us? He, lives in us.  Unimaginable.

Imagine how much He knows. He knows every dead animal or insect that has died, every human that died. He knows the number of every strand our hair. He knows our end from our beginning. What doesn’t He know? How can I know how much He knows?

I thought I knew Him. I thought I got Him figured out. But the more I know Him, the more there is to know about Him and the more I want to know Him.

People like Ravi Zacharrias, Reinhard Bonke,  Kenneth Hagin, etc, say they know God, but still proclaim His infiniteness. Tell me you know God and I will call you the antichrist. You think you know God. You don’t have an idea who God is.

What I know is but a parenthesis of what He is more than.

I thought I knew Him. Actually I don’t. But I love Him. And I will forever worship Him.

I don’t want to know all about Him to give Him my all. He knows all about me and gave His all on the cross for me.

I love you God. I give you my all.

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