Man Argues That the ‘F’ Word Isn’t a Curse Because He’s Canadian

Well, I guess we need to control our words even when we are angry.
I think these punishments should be accepted worldwide. That way, we won’t have so many curse words especially where they are not supposed to be heard


It’s not uncommon for anyone to utter expletive-laden outbursts when dealing with the phone company. But when it happens in a place like Dubai, where there are strict laws against using profanity, it can land you in hot water.

In the latest case,  a 43-year-old Canadian ex-pat shouted the insult “f*** off” at a customer service representative for Etisalat, the U.A.E. telecom giant, after becoming upset over a bureaucratic glitch. This didn’t sit well with authorities there, and the man landed in Dubai Misdemeanour Court. However, his lawyer insists that it wasn’t meant as an insult and that the whole incident is simply a cultural misunderstanding.

“My client is a Canadian citizen and f*** off is not an insult in Canada… but f*** you is a curse and an insult,” argued Attorney Uday al-Kazwini, reported. “F*** off is commonly used when a person expresses themselves metaphorically and…

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