I never walk alone



He came on earth and dwelt among flesh

Living with those His hands had made

He stooped so low as a servant

So all could get access to the light of heaven

He formed a formidable team

So that that lost soul, no matter how far, can be redeemed

In Jesus the disciples found a brother, a friend and a shepherd

How insecure and saddened they were when Jesus was declared dead

But on the third day He rose again

And He took away the disciples’ pain

Soon He had to go back to heaven

I can imagine how the countenance of the disciples had fallen

But He said He will bring us a comforter

When He comes upon us we shall receive power

And be Jesus’ witnesses from where we are and yonder


He never left us

He is right here with us

He is upon us, within us and around us

God knew for certainty that divinity had to be in the vicinity of humanity

So that the ability to build God’s city will be available in its infinity

The Holy Spirit; He is our friend, teacher and comforter

He is our guide and our leader, our strength and power

He is our biggest and closest partner in this destiny business



I never walk alone

I am not afraid of the bridges that the red devil will bring my way

Because I have the entire arsenal needed to gun down every obstacle

No matter how Real they are

I am not alone

When the German machine of Life tries to get me overwhelmed like Brazil,

Like the Black Star I am, I will be resilient

Because He is in me, I never feel lonely

I fellowship with Him daily

The Holy Spirit;

He is my sufficiency, my economy, my theology, my PhD and my sociology

He is…………. My all in all

I never walk alone

I am not alone. I have the whole of divinity in me.

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