When I read this scripture, I paused a while to digest it. So the leader has a big role to play in the development of the individual?

For so long my aim as a spiritual leader was for the overall goal for the church or group. I was aiming for the perfect report to be giving; great membership, more activities, more souls won, and huge finances. Any church group that was steadily growing in these areas will certainly be applauded. And as the leader, you will be commended and portrayed as a model leader. Any Christian leader will want this. And besides it makes you feel that God is pleased with your work. But have you ever thought about the individuals under you? Yes the INDIVIDUALS, not just the group. So maybe you are so on fire for God, you are a tongue-speaking, demon-chasing, fire-breathing Christian Leader, laying hands and people falling, functioning in diverse spiritual gifts, but your member is not even a pinch like you. That is a big scar on your ministry.

Any good leader should be able to influence his or her members, and bring out the best in them. When you are doing an assessment of your work, one of the evidences of a good work done should be the life of your members after you came in. Their development is of necessity to you.

Once you become a leader, your members, who formally were your mates, now see you as a super human. You should be able to do what they cannot do, you should know what they do not know, you should be more spiritual than they are, and if there’s anyone God should speak to at all, it should be you. Well the image they make of you is so scary. But what if it wasn’t? What if you decide to be the “super human” they saw you to be? What if you could help your members to become better than they are and into the “super human” they see you to be.

The fire must burn, not only in programmes and activities, but in the life of every individual under you. The fire you have caught should spread to the point where all your members have caught that fire and the entire group is ablaze for God. The effect will be seen in every activity and endeavour of the group and of the members.

So someone, may ask, what if your member is not willing to grow in the spirit? What if that individual is not ready to listen to you? And even what if you as a leader, you don’t have what it takes to build them up? Well I know that God equips the called and He will equip you and lead you to also equip others. But you have to make the effort to build your people up. And do not give up on them.

Like Aaron, all leaders are in charge of making sure the fire of the individuals in their team, burn continually. Are you lighting the candles??

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