Who can be compared to you oh most Gracious God. My heart sings of your Glory. And my mouth will proclaim your greatness in all the earth.

Even if I don’t praise, even if I don’t worship, it doesn’t change who you are. And it doesn’t make you less or more.

If we talk less of you or if we don’t portray you in our lives, it won’t subtract anything from you.

But I choose to praise. I choose to worship. My spirit magnifies the Lord and my soul praises His name. It is an honour done me to be a partaker of your supernatural life,  your perfect will and to be a vessel fit for your use.

Signs and wonders follow me and it’s a privilege to me that  your immeasurable power is manifested through me.

It is not I oh Lord,  but you. In you I move, I live and have my being. So I will worship,  and I  will praise you all of my days.  You are a wonder God.





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