Killed our fate with our own hands!

By Your word and Your Glorious presence we were nourished
Planted in the streams of living water, we flourished
With milk and honey and all manner of riches we were lavished
You were our defence, any adversary that rose up against got “finished”

How is it then that we have become synonymous with desolation?
How is it that our lands that flowed with milk and honey has undergone rapid degradation?
How is it that we have become simple cases for our enemies and their nations?
Is this a dream? Are we in a trance? Or have we entered into a negative imagination?

We got all we needed on a silver platter
The Almighty was our King, our Father, Our Great Provider
Surrounded by people bound in darkness, we had to shine our lights brighter
We fell in love with their darkness, our lights grew dimmer

We continued in our evil acts
We were stabbing our Father right in the heart
He constantly reminded us, through His Prophets, to desist from our evil ways
We turned deaf ears, “Awurade y3nte wo case”

Now look at us
In His eyes we have become
A sinful nation,
A people laden with iniquity,
A brood of evildoers,
Children who are corrupters!

We ate our cake and thought we will have it
Now we are on our own….

[#TheIsaiahSeries #Isaiah 1]

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