He’s got the whole world in His hands… Even You!

Under the shadow of the Almighty you were to abide
But you grew so puffed up that you couldn’t fit in so you stepped aside
And allowed pride
to take you for a ride

He took you from the miry clay and set your feet upon the rock
Have you forgotten so soon, or maybe you stopped looking at the clock?
Now you attribute all the good things in your life to hardwork and luck
Worldly life is now the in-thing, Christian life now sucks

Hello Mr. Proud guy, you better get humble
You think you’ve got it all figured out, “Get ready to rumble!”
Suppose God takes His hands off you, who will catch you when you stumble?
If God is not for you, who will keep you together when your life crumbles?

It is wisdom to choose to serve God our Father
It is logical to entrust your life to one who has good plans for your future
No matter how great anyone or anything can ever be, He is greater
Turn back and humble yourself before God; do it now, ‘cos you may not have later.


#Isaiah 2 [TheIsaiahSeries]

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