Our mind is like the laboratory of a mad scientist

In the world of our imagination we can build a whole planet from scratch

We make and remake in a matter of seconds

Time is not a limitation in the fantasy world

We can build a whole empire in a flash

How many times have we not imagined our future?

If we were to write a complete descriptive essay about it, it will be difficult to capture

In the eyes of our mind, it is not impossible to find  

A simple technology that can heal the blind

We sometimes build our dreams so much so that in our imaginations we begin to imagine

But after we snap out into reality, what do we see?

Where are the sky scrapers we built?

Where are the flying cars and voice-controlled homes?

Where is the mansion and that dream car?

Where is that new laptop that looks like a slim slab?

All of a sudden the beauty that was created in our minds vanishes before us

But where did they go?

Were they ever there?

No! They were just fantasies! They are not realities!

But how can our fantasies become realities?

How can the imagination become a tangible vision?

How can an abstract completion become a tangible concretion?

The answer lies in one word——–ACTION!!!

What do we do when we have imagined?

What do we do when the dream is accurately seen?

What is our response to our creativity?

The reality cannot be brought about in our minds

We need to act on what we see in the eyes of our mind so that our dreams can become realities

What we need is to ACT NOW

Your dream is not waiting for you in the future

Your dream can become a reality if you act now

So let’s put our future in our imaginations

And work at it little by little to see the dream being manifested

The word again is “ACTION”

[Image courtesy:Google Images]

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