Sleep tight

Sleep is an activity that feels like a phenomenon. When you are asleep, you mostly have no clue what is going on around you. And when you wake up, it’s as though your body had hit the reset button. You feel fresh and alive

Often, we thank God for a new day. But have you ever thanked God for being able to sleep.

Sound sleep is like a dream waiting to come true for some people. So many cannot sleep well. From sickness, to problems in the home, workplace, school, etc, issues, challenges, anxieties, unfulfilled dreams, the list goes on and on, people cannot just sleep. And they pray for sleep. So what about you, who can sleep so lazily, wake up and all you can think about is ranting and raving at God on unfulfilled prayer requests. Maybe you need to appreciate that God can give you rest in sleep. Let us learn to appreciate God for the ability to sleep

Sleep tight and when you wake, thank God for sleep.

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