Dear God,

I don’t know whether to say Good morning or just say thank you Lord



If you don’t have words, you can sing a song

Been a while I heard from you, it’s been so long



Well I was speaking, but looks like Heaven was not listening

The first checkbox in my prayer answer list is still awaiting ticking

So I started doing some thinking

Was it what I was asking?

Or that I was not believing?

In His time, he makes all things beautiful, but the time was never coming



I could have created earth in a second but it took 7 days

I could have called man out of the tree, I could have used several ways

You see your thoughts are not my thought neither your ways my ways

There is a time and season under the sun

In my time I make all things beautiful, it is then that I call it done.



Tell me where I went wrong, what didn’t I do?

I fasted and prayed, even preached in church too?

A holy life I have been living, some people called me a fool

So if I am not getting what I want from you, who should I run to?

I made a decision to serve only you, but I cannot quantify what is has resulted to



Well, it saved you from the Kingdom of darkness

I imputed into you Holiness and righteousness

Inside of you, you find my wholeness

Do you consider all these meaningless??


I watch over your going and your coming

my angels watch over you when you’re sleeping

and wake you up every morning

Do you regard all that as Nothing?



But Lord ….



Jesus, was the only begotten son of mine

And he He came to earth to die

I forsook him on the cross ‘cos I could not bear sin before my eye

I placed the entire Trinity on the line



All these things You’ve said

I have read in your word

You have made my heart white as snow, even though like crimson, it was red


But the people out there hurl at me and say where is your God?

Is this your lot?

“cos all around me is a life of worry and want


Arise Oh Lord! and let my enemies be scattered

Arise Oh Lord! Don’t let my dreams be shattered

Turn my life around so all may call me blessed.



I told you I will never leave you nor forsake you

In the good times and in the bad times too

The fires you go through will not burn you

But they will in turn refine you


I am not a genie that will grant you three wishes

To give you the spoils of the earth and all riches


I am a potter, I am molding you into my image and purpose

I am a painter, adorning you with the beautiful colours of my glory

I am a farmer, constantly supplying and pruning so you bear more fruit

I am God, that has given you all things that pertain to life and godliness


I’m about to do a thing that will make the ears of those who hear it tingle

The high and mighty will marvel

Even with those with which you mingle, it will be incomprehensible

Not only will I bless you, I will make you a spectacle.



May your name be exalted

Oh great king Most blessed

Even though my faith was shaking, your love for me never wavered

I pray that to the vine, I will remain connected.

As your intent and purpose are manifested

That I may be a light to this generation


This is where I sign out

Hope we can have another hangout



Any time, any day, any where

I am Emmanuel.

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