Just God

We are a people connected to each other and as such we have relationships and interdependence. There is always someone you look up to, someone you trust to help you, someone you work with to achieve goals, we are always connected to someone else.

But even in this big world with over 6billion connected people, one can still be all alone

Sometimes, the world fills like a big empty space with just you in it. Sometimes it feels too crowded, you need some place to breathe. Being alone will certainly be an occurrence or a part of humanity.

But as Christians, we should know that we are never alone. God is with us every step and His Holy Spirit is ever willing to guide us. In the quiet times of life, there will still be a still small voice that will speak to us and make us stronger.

Feeling alone is for some moments, but staying lonely is a decision we make when we choose to forget that we have a lovely Father who is ever ready to share himself with us.

God is all we need… Just God

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