His Body, His Blood … Our Healing, Our Freedom

He left His majesty and put on humanity.
The expression of the Almighty wrapped in utmost humility
He lived and grew in this world filled with hostility
Yet he stayed glued to the mission of taking mankind filled with frailty
And preparing us for eternity

He was wounded for our transgression
For our iniquities, he bore physical afflictions
For my peace, He took my beating
And His stripes have become my healing

He shed His blood for me
to cleanse me from all that was wrong with me
He took all that was wrong with me on Himself
and placed all that was right with Him on myself

His blood contains power to save me from death
His body is my meds, and the supplement for my health
His death saved me from poverty, I benefit from divine wealth
His resurrection gave me authority, in the heavens and on the earth

He has saved me from darkness and brought me into light
I am righteous, not by my power or by my might
I was down low but I have been raised to a heavenly height
Now I float in the heavens like a kite

Right from birth, He was aware of His calling
He knew He will go through pain but He stayed steady, not drifting
The joy of my salvation was what kept Him going
Until He could say “It is finished”, He was never retreating

Everything I have I received from Him
From the mercy seat guarded by the Cherubim
Now I have direct access to the Elohim
His word straightens me, it has become my shim

So I glory in the work that Christ completed
I will not put hard work in trying to make myself accepted
If I want to requite what He has done, then I should do what He has always wanted
To walk in freedom, take dominion and in His presence, shall I always be rested

Jesus died so that we might be saved
He is Jehovah Rapha, He has healing in His waves
Everything bows, at His name
If you accept Him your life will never be the same

With His nail-pierced hands, He died for the worst sinner
So come to Him as you are, don’t make it later
His body, His blood, a potent vaccine for Corona
Jesus is the Lord of lords and the King of kings, and He is my brother

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