The day of your birth began with frustration.
As there was no place in the inn for your mother to comfortably have her preliminary contraction.
But since you had a purpose that had to meet realization,
You still came out, laid in a manger, with animals undergoing regurgitation.
Your birth brought angelic visitation
To a group of shepherds performing the task of their occupation.
Your birth broke the rule of the natural constellation
As your star became a google map, directing the wise men to your location.
Even before the creation of computers, you had already begun digitization.
Indeed, the shepherds and the wise men were filled with joy
As they beheld the face of the beautiful baby boy.

Joy to the World.
Joy to…
A preposition, a pre-position, a pre-defined idea of the actual position.
That’s why we don’t really classify Christianity as a religion.
Because religion is man looking for a way to the Father.
But Christianity is God sending Jesus to the sinner.
For Divinity so loved humanity
That He stripped His majesty, took our frailty
So that He could save us from captivity
And reinstate us to the Divine Dynasty.

Joy to the World.
Joy to the…
A definite article. Meaning it is not a suggestion but rather a definition.
It is not a man-made submission but a divinely defined direction.
Jesus is The way, The truth, The life.
The way – He’s not an option. He is the track that leads to salvation.
The truth – He is everything there is to know and learn to live the Zoe life. He is the knowledge we need, the information we must get, and the food to our souls.
The life – He is the activation of our new man, the certification of our sonship, and our clothing of holiness and righteousness. He is our breath, He is our movement, He is our beginning and He is our end.

Joy to the World.
Joy to the …
The systems, patterns, processes, and beliefs of the Cosmos.
Perverted by the evil one so much so that the truth is made to look like a lie and the lie has become the wisdom in the eyes of men.
Man claims to be enlightened but they have been blinded by the god of this age.
They call it freedom of speech because they cannot tame their tongues.
They call it smartness when they are so dumb to destroy their brothers and sisters and even the environment so they can make money.
They call it LGBTQ+ when they cannot check sexual perversion.

But Joy to the World, Jesus has come!
To bring Clarity to this world’s confusion!
To bring sanity in the midst of insanity!
To bring healing to our sicknesses!
To bring Peace in the midst of chaos!
To bring love to replace war!
To bring divinity in the vicinity of humanity!
Joy to the World, Jesus has come!

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