After Easter

So Tuesday is fast approaching. All the Easter celebrants are returning to normal life. Easter is characterised with so many activities; Easter conventions, Kwahu paragliding and “co”, beach parties, picnics, etc. Most of us will be found in one activity or another. So after all the sermons, and messages that have been sent across, whatContinue reading “After Easter”

Post of the year

So I decided to put 2017 in retrospect and bring out those highlight moments that made my year quite interesting. I will kick this off with my favourite post of the year This was a post by Tracylyn Papson on Facebook Follow post on Facebook using this link [] Like it, comment on it andContinue reading “Post of the year”

He’s got the whole world in His hands… Even You!

Under the shadow of the Almighty you were to abide But you grew so puffed up that you couldn’t fit in so you stepped aside And allowed pride to take you for a ride He took you from the miry clay and set your feet upon the rock Have you forgotten so soon, or maybeContinue reading “He’s got the whole world in His hands… Even You!”